No Agenda Episode 652 - "After Spin Class"

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Australian Jihadist Promoted to ISIS Military Commander in Iraq

A jihadist from Sydney has been named a commander of an ISIS unit. According to reports, the Australian spy agency is investigating the news that appeared in an Iraqi news website that Abu Yahya ash Shami, an Australian fighting alongside ISIS, was elevated in the extremist group as a military commander to hold the town of Jalula in northern Iraq.

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The Forever War - Pat Buchanan

What makes us think we can succeed in Syria where we failed in Iraq. If Assad falls, do the Alawites and Christians survive? Does Syria disintegrate? Who will rule in Damascus?

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Vos gaat kippenhok bewaken, bankenlobbyist wordt EU-commissaris.

Jean-Claude Juncker heeft Jonathan Hill aangesteld als EU-commissaris voor Financiƃ«le Stabiliteit, Financieele Dienstverlening en Kapitaalmarkten. Hill is van origine bankenlobbyist

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Dropbox - 2014 Transparency Report.

Dropbox - most of the Government Data Requests are accompanied by a gag order. Not that it matters; the NSA has a copy of all the dropbox data anyway.

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Virologist: Fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia is lost.

Schmidt-Chanasit expects the virus will "burn out itself" in this part of the world. With other words: It will more or less infect everybody and half of the population - in total about five million people - could die.

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De Demmink Doofpot - Zes oud-gevangenisdirecteuren doen aangifte tegen Opstelten

Ze vinden dat minister Opstelten een ambtsmisdrijf heeft gepleegd door het onderzoek naar oud-topambtenaar Joris Demmink te vertragen in plaats van aan te pakken.

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Dutch Ebola doctors 'to be evacuated on Sunday'

Two Dutch doctors feared to have contracted the deadly Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone are set to be flown back to the Netherlands "as soon as possible", the foreign ministry said Saturday.

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Vladimir Putin does love puppies!

Here is proof. From the Vladimir Putin Fan Club.

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