Turkey debates military action against ISIS.

It seems like Turkey is going to invade Syria with the excuse to stop the ISIS. This is not the reason of course; the most probable reason is to put an end to the independent Kurdish State in northern Syria. Independent Kurds are a far bigger threat to Turkey than Islamists.

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Boston Herald apologizes for Obama 'watermelon' cartoon.

Apparently watermelon is racist.

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Mohamed Mohamud sentenced to 30 years in prison for X-mas tree-lighting bomb plot.

He is being sentenced for using a Christmas tree as a weapon of mass destruction. His mother denounced the government's actions, saying agents advised her son not to tell his parents anything, gave him money to move away from friends, and isolated him as they ran their sting operation.

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UNESCO Confirms ISIS Funding Terrorism by Selling Artifacts - artnet News.

UNESCO has warned that ISIS is looting and selling ancient artifacts on the black market to finance their terrorist activities, the AFP reported. These latest findings contribute to growing evidence that ISIS continues to raise money by selling stolen antiquities

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ISIS Scholar Gives Lesson On How To Cut Heads - YouTube.

At least he uses a decently sized sword to demonstrate. We also learn that we have to slice the head and not just chop the head off.

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University Marching Band play Rage Against The Machine

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Modern math - Tell how to make 10 when adding 8+5

The logic of this school is beyond my logic. The kid understands the question better than the teacher.

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Statoil halts multibillion-dollar Alberta oil sands project

Norway's Statoil ASA has shelved a multibillion-dollar oil sands project, blaming rising construction costs and the repeated delays in new export pipelines that would boost the value of Canadian heavy crude oil.

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Turkei konnte an geheimen Atomwaffenprogramm arbeiten - DIE WELT.

Der BND spaeht Ankara aus: Grund konnte ein tuerkisches Atomwaffenprogramm sein, an dem offenbar heimlich gearbeitet wird. Die Indizienkette fuehrt von Brennstaeben bis zu Mittelstreckenraketen.

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Are thermal scanners effective Ebola prevention tools or just a placebo?

The idea behind using these scanners, most models of which look like a smaller version of the radar guns police use to catch speeding motorists, is that they can detect people who have a fever, one of the symptoms of Ebola, as well as many other infectious agents.

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