So there’s this site called classwarfareexists and they wrote a article about how “PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS BEEN A SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENT” and they narrowed down “President Obama’s top 13 accomplishments:” which were":

1. Passed Health Care Reform
2. Passed the Stimulus
3. Passed Wall Street Reform
4. Ended the War in Iraq
5. Eliminated Osama bin laden
6. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry
7. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
8. Reversed Bush Torture Policies
9. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program
10. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards
11. Passed Mini Stimuli (July 22, 2010; December 17, 2010; December 23, 2011)
12. Created Conditions to Begin Closing Dirtiest Power Plants
13. Achieved New START Treaty

Now I commented showing that some of these were false unless you count utter failure as an accomplishment. All I got back in return on comments was just that I was wrong and stupid and there was really no decent rebuttal at all.
As one person wrote “No, Eaker got EVERY SINGLE ITEM factually and logically wrong. Remarkable. Must be some kind of ignorant Republican.”
This is interesting since I’m more liberal then Obama….

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So anyways I’m going to again proof that some of these “accomplishments” are wrong but this time with proof since apparently I need em. Now points 3,9,10,11,12,13 I’m not going to comment on because I don’t know enough and point 7 isn’t really an accomplishment to me because I don’t see Gay people or Gay rights as a issue. So anyways…..

1. Passed Health Care Reform

I guess if you take this point as it’s a accomplishment that he actually got reform passed….then sure I guess it’s a plus but if you are talking about the type of reform he passed[which I’m sure they are] then Obamacare is horrendous.
Here are 15 reason why it’s a horrible failure:

#1 According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government has the power to force you to buy private goods and services.  Now that this door has been opened, what else will we be forced to buy in the future?

#2 Obamacare is another step away from individual liberty and another step toward a “nanny state” where the government dominates our lives from the cradle to the grave.

#3 The IRS is now going to be given the task of hunting down and penalizing millions of Americans that do not have any health insurance.  In fact, the Obama administration has given the IRS 500 million extra dollars “outside the normal appropriations process” to help them enforce the provisions of Obamacare that they are in charge of overseeing.

#4 Obamacare imposes more than 20 new taxes on the American people.  You can find a comprehensive list of Obamacare taxes right here.  If you love paying higher taxes, then you are going to absolutely love Obamacare once it is fully implemented.

#5 In an attempt to “control costs” and “promote efficiency”, Obamacare limits the treatment options that doctors and patients can consider.  This is likely to result in a decrease in life expectancy in the United States.

#6 Obamacare is going to impose nightmarish paperwork burdens on doctors, hospitals and the rest of the healthcare system.  This is going to significantly increase our healthcare costs as a nation.

#7 Obamacare is going to send health insurance premiums soaring.  This is especially true for younger Americans.

#8 Many small businesses are going to be absolutely crushed by the provisions in Obamacare that require them to provide expensive health insurance coverage for their employees.  This is going to make them even less competitive with companies in other countries where businesses are not required to provide healthcare for their workers.  This is also going to make it even less attractive for businesses to hire new employees.

#9 Obamacare is going to make the emerging doctor shortage in America a lot worse.  Surveys have found that we could potentially see hundreds of thousands of doctors leave the medical profession because of Obamacare.

#10 Obamacare has already forced the cancellation of dozens of doctor-owned hospitals.

#11 Obamacare is going to result in a much bigger federal government.  In order to fully implement all of the provisions of Obamacare, hordes of new government bureaucrats will be required.

#12 Thanks to Obamacare, you are going to have to wait much longer to see a doctor.  Just look at what happened once Romneycare was implemented in Massachusetts….

In fact, we have already seen the start of this process in Massachusetts, where Mitt Romney’s health care reforms were nearly identical to President Obama’s. Romney’s reforms increased the demand for health care but did nothing to expand the supply of physicians. In fact, by cracking down on insurance premiums, Massachusetts pushed insurers to reduce their payments to providers, making it less worthwhile for doctors to expand their practices. As a result, the average wait to get an appointment with a doctor grew from 33 days to over 55 days.

#13 Obamacare contains all kinds of insidious little provisions that most people don’t even know about.  The following is one example from the Alliance Defense Fund….

“Did you know that with ObamaCare you will have to pay for life-saving drugs, but life-ending drugs are free. One hundred percent free. If this plan were really about health care wouldn’t it be the other way around?”

#14 As if the U.S. government was not facing enough of a crisis with entitlement spending, it is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.  You and I will be paying for all of this.

#15 The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Obamacare will add more than a trillion dollars to government spending over the next decade.  Considering the fact that the U.S. government is already drowning in debt, how in the world can we afford this?

So what do you think about the Obamacare decision? I doubt you can prove these wrong. OH and here’s some more:


Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses, and it doesn't even cover natural medicine

2. Passed the Stimulus

President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama would add another $1 trillion. Both president's singed into law very different "stimulus" plans in comparison to each other.
So, with some fun facts to look at, the question is this: whose "stimulus" provided more... stimuli, per say? Let's take a look...

Bush's economic
"stimulus" was the first of several enacted to help revive the economy. When President Bush signed into law his economic stimulus plan, a good majority of American's actually felt it. If even slightly, Bush's "stimulus" was a plan to essentially get money into the hands of the American people, and to help jump start a sluggish economy. Under Bush's economic "stimulus," roughly 130 million householdsgot checks in the mail or deposited to a bank account online. I can actually think back and remember President Bush's economic stimulus.
The other part of Bush's "stimulus" plan involved what many people call the bailout of Wall Street. Bush gave
the Treasury secretary the authority to buy $700 billion in mortgage-related assets, in a plan that would raise the statutory limit on the national debt from $10.6 trillion to $11.3 trillion. The Treasury secretary then had broad power to buy and sell the toxic mortgage-related assets without any additional involvement by Congress.
Some leading congressional Democrats said this of President Bush's "stimulus" bailout.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd voiced confidence in Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, saying that "we've got the right man" to deal with the problem that has roiled not only Wall Street but international markets as well. But his counterpart in the House, Rep. Barney Frank, accused Paulson of pushing Congress to move too hastily.
Dodd, D-Conn., said Monday morning that there will be a division of thought in Congress about how best to proceed on a $700 billion bill the Bush administration is seeking from lawmakers to buy up bad mortgage loans that have been weighing down financial companies since they became engulfed in a severe credit crisis 14 months ago.

Obama's stimulus package was much different than Bush's, it was the Democrats version of economic "stimulus." Rather than send government singed checks to all American's, Obama's stimulus was a bit more partisan, but just as wasteful and irrational as the others. Unlike Bush's stimulus, it's difficult to think back and actually 'remember' this stimulus plan. It had very little effect on the average American citizens, and it actually increased unemployment numbers rather its intention.
Oddly, President Obama's stimulus package included provisions that had nothing to do with "stimulating" the economy. Such as "health rules," of which will affect "every individual in the United States." It created a new bureaucracy,
the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, which will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. These provisions in Obama's stimulus bill are virtually identical to what Daschle prescribed in his 2008 book, “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis.” According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.”
Since Obama's "stimulus" didn't send checks to the every day, average American citizen, where did it go?
Here's a small list of places where tax dollars landed from Obama's stimulus:

$5.2 billion to ACORN for community-development block grants and “neighborhood stabilization activities.”
$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
$380 million in the Senate bill for the Women, Infants and Children program
$300 million for grants to combat violence against women
$2 billion for federal child-care block grants
$6 billion for university building projects
$15 billion for boosting Pell Grant college scholarships
$4 billion for job-training programs, including $1.2 billion for “youths” up to the age of 24
$1 billion for community-development block grants
$4.2 billion for “neighborhood stabilization activities”
$650 million for digital-TV coupons; $90 million to educate “vulnerable populations”
$150 million for the Smithsonian
$34 million to renovate the Department of Commerce headquarters
$500 million for improvement projects for National Institutes of Health facilities
$44 million for repairs to Department of Agriculture headquarters
$350 million for Agriculture Department computers
$88 million to help move the Public Health Service into a new building
$448 million for constructing a new Homeland Security Department headquarters
$600 million to convert the federal auto fleet to hybrids
$450 million for NASA (carve-out for “climate-research missions”)
$600 million for NOAA (carve-out for “climate modeling”)
$1 billion for the Census Bureau
$89 billion for Medicaid
$30 billion for COBRA insurance extension
$36 billion for expanded unemployment benefits
$20 billion for food stamps
$4.5 billion for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
$850 million for Amtrak
$87 million for a polar icebreaking ship
$1.7 billion for the National Park System
$55 million for Historic Preservation Fund
$7.6 billion for “rural community advancement programs”
$150 million for agricultural-commodity purchases
$150 million for “producers of livestock, honeybees, and farm-raised fish”
$2 billion for renewable-energy research ($400 million for global-warming research)
$2 billion for a “clean coal” power plant in Illinois
$6.2 billion for the Weatherization Assistance Program
$3.5 billion for energy-efficiency and conservation block grants
$3.4 billion for the State Energy Program
$200 million for state and local electric-transport projects
$300 million for energy-efficient-appliance rebate programs
$400 million for hybrid cars for state and local governments
$1 billion for the manufacturing of advanced batteries
$1.5 billion for green-technology loan guarantees
$8 billion for innovative-technology loan-guarantee program
$2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstration projects
$4.5 billion for electricity grid
$79 billion for State Fiscal Stabilization Fund

After just one year in office, President Obama raised the statutory limit on the national debt from $11.3 trillion to $14.3 trillion.

Did either stimulus plan from both president's actually work? Bush started the process of government intervention by "bailing out" failure, which became the start of a new trend in U.S. Politics ...rewarding bad behavior, which his predecessor took great advantage of. In an interview discussing his book, [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Meltdown-Free-Market-Collapsed-Government-Bailouts/dp/1596985879"]Meltdown[/ame]Thomas E Woods Jr. said the following about the Depression of 1920, and how the government at that time dealt with a struggling economy much differently. The U.S. government during the depression of 1920 dealt with it a lot more rationally than both Bush and Obama.

WOODS: No one's ever heard of the Depression of 1920 and the reason is congress didn't try to get us out of it. It was far worse, if you actually look at employment, it was actually far worse than the Depression of 1929 that everybody has heard of. What did we have? A fiscal stimulus? To the contrary the government did everything that's fashionable economics shouldn't do and they actually cut the budget. So you actually had a negative stimulus according to them but to me that's a wonderful thing to do. [...] The Federal Reserve system inflate the money supply? They hardly did anything. They didn't know what to do. The president at the time was Warren Harding ... by the time it occurred to him to do something, the depression was over and the U.S. was back to setting production records.So I think there is a lesson here when you compare it to what did they do in the year 1929.

...Compare the actions of the U.S. government during the depression of 1920, and the depression of 1929, and now the Great Recession of the late 2000's. You do the math. In my opinion, all of the bailouts are the real failure of today's government. Nobody wins.

4. Ended the War in Iraq

I know many of you want to give President Obama credit for ending the war in Iraq and bringing home all the troops. You want to do this even though not all of the troops will get to come home because some will still be needed to protect the U.S. embassy in Iraq and to continue training Iraqis. And you want to do this even though Obama is simply honoring an agreement the Bush administration signed with Iraq in 2008.

Before Sen. Obama could take office, the Bush administration signed an agreement with the Iraqi government drawing the U.S. combat presence in Iraq to a close by the end of 2011. Ultimately, it is the Bush agreement that the president today announced he would honor.

My question is why you are attempting to distort reality to promote your chosen candidate. Aren't we supposed to leave the lying to Republicans? Hasn't Obama done enough in which you can take pride without adding things to his column he hasn't really done?
According to Obama's Deputy National Security Advisor, the administration tried to keep even more U.S. troops in Iraq. It was not until
negotiations around liability for those troops failed that Obama announced that all would be home for the holidays. And he made this announcement even as he knows at least a couple hundred troops and several thousand contractors aren't going anywhere.

And making his own wars: Realpolitik blurs US red line on Syria | Obama’s Geopolitical China ‘Pivot’: The Pentagon Targets China

5. Eliminated Osama bin laden

“It is tragic that it took ten years, trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of American casualties and many thousands of innocent lives to achieve our mission of killing one evil person.” –Ron Paul
Ten Years! But because Obama is in office he gets credit. There is evidence that shows that
Hillary Clinton and not Obama was the driving force for getting OBL. Personally I believe this because in my life Clinton’s were the only ones that got shit done. But ultimately it wasn’t politicians it was Navy Seals that killed OBL!

6. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry

“But let's put this presidential campaign victory tour into perspective. The president and even the media fail to acknowledge a critical fact, that the initial decision to help the automobile industry began with the Bush administration. This recovery plan was set in motion under a Republican administration, approved with votes in Congress from both parties, and was then continued by President Obama.” –Huffington Post

“when their chief executives endured widespread mockery as they turned to Washington for emergency assistance, not once but several times. In the months that followed, Ford found that it was able to stand on its own, but General Motors and Chrysler both ended up filing for bankruptcy after receiving billions in federal aid.
A slimmed-down General Motors emerged from bankruptcy as a shadow of the manufacturing titan it had been. Brands like Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn are being closed.The federal government holds nearly 61 percent of the new company, with the Canadian government, a health care trust for the United Auto Workers union and bondholders owning the balance. Its market share has also fallen to 20 percent, as rivals have profited from its troubles, down from 51 percent at the peak of the company's dominance. Its sales outside the United States now almost equal its domestic sales.”
Chrysler was forced into the arms of Fiat, which took over management of the company along with a 20 percent stake, which may increase to 51 percent by the end of 2011. The United Auto Workers became the company's largest shareholder, with the federal government holding shares as well.” –

You mean to tell me in a year they are “all good” yeah ok, there’s nothing really to prevent them from going bankrupt again. But it doesn’t matter since according to these articles it looks like Ford is the only American car maker anymore.

8. Reversed Bush Torture Policies

Yes yes he did……then passed the 2012 NDAA which allowed indefinite military detention without charge or trial. A federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional but how long with that last. Obama is fighting to get it reinstated. –Gather other sources: Infowars, RT

So that’s it for those hopefully that’s enough proof[probably not]. I want to state that I’m not a Obama Hater and Bush Supporter I don’t like either one of them and actually if Bill Clinton ran I’d vote for him in a heartbeat cause I loved that guy and the US ran great then.


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